Just as a reminder:

Any unregistered guests that sneak in will add the following fees to your account:

  • $100 for anyone that sneaks in

All pets must be registered before you arrive. We allow only two dogs per room. There are also pet fees:

  • $15 per small dog per night

  • $25 per medium to large dog per night

  • $50 cleaning fee

  • $200 per unregistered dogs that guest sneaks in

   At the Beachwood Resort, we do our best to make your stay a comfortable and enjoyable one. We love all our guests and want to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. We understand that there are times when we cannot control when the unexpected happens, and to better accommodate those incidents we ask for your cooperation in following BWR’s operating policies while staying with us. We do have a few guidelines that must be followed in order to accomplish that.

     1. Check-In time is 3pm while check-out time is 11am. BWR’s staff is always on-site- please check the BWR office to check in. If you are going to be arriving after 9pm, please inform us by giving us a call [360-289-2177] that way we can get you arranged in your room for the night.

     2. Maximum occupancy for each room if 4 guests. Extra guests will be charged an additional $15 fee per person per night. Please inform the front desk when each guest arrives.

     3. We will take a deposit of the first night’s rate plus tax when you first make your reservation as a guarantee. During the Summer, our cancellation Policy requires 21 days’ notice in order to receive a full refund. 72 hours’ notice is required for our low seasons- prior to the day of check-in. If cancellation happens within the 21 days of summer or in 72 hours of the low season the first night deposit will be forfeited.

     4. Guests will be held responsible for any missing and/or damaged items accrued during their stay at the BWR. As a result, your credit card will be charged to cover the expenses. TV remote controller ($20), DVD remote controller ($15) as they can be very inconvenient to replace. Please do not remove these items from the condo.

     a. Disclaimer- Please do not put any furniture in front of the heater or fireplace. If you use the fireplace, please do not leave the fire unattended (Children should not be left unattended with the fire). BWR will not be held responsible for any accidents due to negligence of supervision.
5. Guests shall be responsible for any property damage, accidents, death, or injury to any person, or loss of property sustained by any person, including loss money, jewelry, and other items or personal property.

     6. Our condos and the public areas are non-smoking. Our property does allow pets, but only in designated pet rooms- we do this for those who have pet allergies or sensitivities. All events held on our property including parties, receptions, large gatherings, weddings, and other organized events require applicable deposit fees. Deposit fees will be refunded after full inspection of the items and property is administered. If dishes, pots/pans, silverware, cups, etc… are removed from units, please return items back to the original condo upon leaving.

     7. Pets are not in rental units without prior authorization. We limit two pets per room. We ask that you please keep your dogs leashed to prevent incidents from occurring on the property. Don’t forget to pick up after your dog and dispose of their waste properly. Located behind the Clam Hut is a designated bathroom area for dogs. No pets are allowed inside the Clubhouse, sauna, or viewing tower.

     8. In order for us to obtain the best condo conditions, please help us by keeping dogs off the furniture, beds, and out of the bedroom. We ask that your dog be flea free and well trained. You may bring dog bed, blankets and linens with you.

     9. Please check the property and report any damages upon arrival. If we are not notified promptly after arrival you may be held responsible for any damages or missing items that are found.

     10. There will be a $200 charge if pet is not reported.

     11. Deposit fees will be refunded after a full inspection of the items and property is administered. If dishes, pots/pans, silverware, cups, other furniture, etc… are removed from units, please return all items back to the original condo upon leaving especially after events.

     12. Properties with hot-tubs requires a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Disclaimer. BWR can’t provide the Guard service and BWR will not be held responsible for the hot-tub and swimming pool used by children. Unconditionally any patients with unstable health conditions must not use either the hot-tub, or swimming pool, or sauna- especially all young kinds can’t use these facilities without the supervision of their parents.

     13. Clam Hut: Please wash your clams, sand-dollars, driftwood, outside sleepers, shoes, shell-fish, etc… at the Clam Hut at the North Side in the coin laundry room. Please do not wash sand down the drains inside the units. This will result in severe damage to our plumbing which is costly.

     14. Quiet times are between 11pm-8am. If you are disruptive to other guests, you may be subject to eviction without a refund. Visitors who are not included in the reservation can visit only for two hours, and not after five o'clock.

     15. Please turn off all lights, appliances, faucets, heater, electronics, etc… before leaving.

     16. There is no daily maid service available for the vacation rentals, the units will be cleaned after your departure.

     17. If you are bringing a pet, please pick one of our pet friendly rooms. If you choose another room type if you are bringing a pet, we reserve the right to move you to a room that is not the type you reserved or to cancel your reservation.

     18. If one continues to breaks these policies after receiving notice, we reserve the right to evict them without a refund. Please follow the policy.


**When you check into the Beachwood Resort at Copalis Beach, there is paperwork you fill out at the desk and the signature you sigh at the bottom is you also signing that you agree to the above.

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