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     When you book directly with us, you can gain access to special promotional offers. Not only that, but you can also avoid a lot of hassle includes Overbooking, wrong reservation, inability to fix error, etc...

What's New?

     We have started to update a lot of our content and have added some new things- including:

* Savings when you book directly.

* Coming Soon Horse Stables!

     The Beachwood Condos & Resort is located between the lush and beautiful Evergreen forests and the stunning North-West coast of the Washington State. This little oasis is located far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and close to the tourist spot of Ocean Shores, yet far enough away from the busy spot.


     Originally opening in 1960 The Beachwood Condos & Resort is one of the first resorts of its kind to open in the area. The property was purchased due to the quiet nature setting and close access to historic Copalis beach.


     We offer vintage style rooms complete with kitchenettes and all the amenities you will need for your home away home. Including private patio, fire pit, barbecue grill, picnic area, playground, view tower, pool area, and clubhouse.


     Along with the beautiful location, we also have an abundance of wildlife and outdoor activities. We hope to update our bridge to allow horses over it and canoes under it. We also hope to add a little fishing dock on the creek.


     Every winter Razor Clamming Season Opens and here in Copalis Beach we are known to be home of the Biggest Razor Clams in the United States.

Check-in : 4PM   

Office Hours (10 AM -7 PM) 

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Now Hiring!


     We have new positions open for all who are interested, they are:

     * Front Desk

     * Housekeepers

     * Landscapers

     * Maintenance

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